Toukiden 2 (v.08) English Patch [PSV]


With the current progress on the PS vita scene with the release of a custom 3.65 cfw updater to make 3.61+ games to work. Some translation ports are no longer needed since a much better and official version of the game will now work on 3.65.

So my translation port of toukiden 2 and its patch links will now be removed to not confuse people.

That’s all, froid_san.
Here’s a English translation port patch for Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] JPN which is compatible with Henkaku enabled consoles. Finally manage to get a hold of a US dump of Toukiden 2 and a 1.06 JPN Game update with the help of Ginkuji and kyu0911. With those files on hand I was able to make a much better translation port unlike with the v0.4c patch.

What’s Translated:
All stuffs

Bugs that needs fixing:
Some word warp and overshooting text problems on Mitama’s Bio and Inscription Texts
Maybe a few minor word warp and overshooting text problems on other parts that I’ve missed
Very long text exceeding 50 characters gets cut on movie subtitle (I think there’s a few of those)
Inscription Texts are bugged, it displays all text at your first read on the tablet.

What’s included:
English patch
1.06 game update

Original base game LINKDATA.BIN hash should be: ce188a3e4f2cdda54d091be120ead4f4
Patched game LINKDATA.BIN hash should be: 57e24e9d69d8884bc5a326b4180486e1

How to patch game [PC]:

1. Backup your game and save
2. Copy the games LINKDATA.BIN to this folder and rename to LINKDATA.BIN.BAK
3. Open/Run xdeltaUI.exe
4. Open patch and select ‘froid_san_v0.8.xdelta’
5. Open source file and select ‘LINKDATA.BIN.BAK’
6. Save your output file as ‘LINKDATA.BIN’
7. Click ‘Patch’ and wait for it to finish
8. Copy the patched LINKDATA.BIN back to your Vita
9. Copy the contents inside the ‘Copy to PCSG00830 and overwrite all’ folder to PCSG00830 folder and overwrite all files

For bug reports, just search froid_san or Happydance on google send me a PM on those forums you find


Ginkuji for the US dump of Toukiden 2
kyu0911 for the 1.06 JPN Game update
YuMe-iD of NGR for some additional DLC

**please include this readme if your gonna reupload this patch somewhere or planning on making a pre-patch upload, so people will know how to properly patch the game or info whats translated, bugs, and stuffs included.


[Patch Link]

[Old Screenshots]




14 thoughts on “Toukiden 2 (v.08) English Patch [PSV]

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  2. Thank you for your hard work! Btw, Can you play ad-hoc with PS Vita’s on 3.63 with USA Toukiden 2 Cart / Digital Game?


  3. Hello Froid_San

    I’ve seen your work and I need some guidance from you… I have the spanish translation files for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1 and I’m figuring how to make it work on the PSV version (those files cones from the Store version)

    Can you lend me a hand?
    I only know that the hard part of the patch process is the eboot.bin that can be similar to the .exe file for Windows.
    Files and patching method:

    Hope you can tell me how and I’ll be glad to try :3


    1. Hmmm…. might be a little difficult for me since I don’t know how read español, but i’ll try to check it out and find out what tools needed. I’m just a little busy with life and other projects, so it might take a while.


      1. Ok froid-san I don’t mind in waiting a bit more, it’s ok if you don’t know how to read español because all the things to do is just patch the eboot thingy or something like this, if you need something I’ll be glad to cooperate with files, testing, programming even, not just for this Neptunia Rebirth 1 project, anything you need 😉


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