Dragon Quest Heroes 2 [PCSG00820] (English incomplete beta) [Vita]


Dunno if I could still finish this, so I’ll just leave this here so some may have a look at it and maybe continue to fix the ones I can’t or use this as reference.
pretty much most text and some images of the PC version is ported but a lot on in-game menu text are cut-off, does not fit or overshoot the text window. Dialog seems fine… well most of it anyways. Don’t know how to do eboot mods or disassemble the eboot to know which values to change.

Why vitamin 2.0? can’t find any copy of it whether maidump or the recent nonpdrm, so i’m forced to use this dump.

So yeah, this project is kinda dead now due to technical difficulties or my incompetence on Eboot disassembly / modding for the Vita. For those who are interested in continuing this project i still have some quickbms scripts I’ve made and some documentation on which files are which between the PC and vita version and its G1T image format. Might be helpful on creating better modding / editing tools.

Cant link game here so you just ask google or look on reddit 😉


BETA: Partial translation patch for Initial D: Extreme Stage [PS3]


This is just a beta English patch to a supposedly partial English patch of
Initial D: Extreme Stage, that I have unfortunately put on hold and stopped
working on since 12/24/2014 due to some issues that I’ve never got hold of
the modified images a friend of mine was working on and got busy with my
other projects. I’m just releasing it now since some might have a use for
it and enjoy the game partially patched even though not completed and wont
just be wasted hiding privately on my pc.

I have not fully bug tested this since 2014 and just made a patch from my last
working backup and tested a bit. There are a lot of version of this game and
this patch is specifically for Initial D: Extreme Stage [BLJM60055]. Not sure
if I’m able to revive this project but I’ll try to have a look again and maybe
port it to the BLJM50053 version with is a much more common version of the
game and also have a IRD useful for verification of the integrity of the files.

How to patch:

Copy the 2d.xdelta, car.xdelta, EBOOT.xdelta, patch.bat and xdelta3.exe
inside your Initial D game directory run patch.bat and wait for it to
finish. Copy your BACKUP folder just in case you failed to make a whole
backup of your game and you can delete 2d.xdelta, car.xdelta, EBOOT.xdelta,
patch.bat and xdelta3.exe inside your Initial D game directory.